It's more than a job It's an opportunity to become a blessing to your community.

Are you Humble and Confident?

Are you Hungry and Motivated?

Are you Smart and Friendly?

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Seeking Pharmacy Technician / Technician Trainee

We are seeking a pharmacy technician/technician trainee to become part of our winning team. Whether you are new to working in pharmacies or are an experienced pharmacy technician, we have a place for you on our team to use your skills and talents to serve and care for our patients and customers.



  • Prepare medication and other healthcare products for patients
  • Measure dosage of medication according to prescription orders
  • Process prescriptions by using computer software
  • Label and record dosage information
  • Monitor storage and inventory of medications and supplies
  • Manage all assigned pharmacy workstations and tasks
  • Support the team's ability to promptly, safely and accurately fill patient prescription all while providing caring service


  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Bilingual is required (English + Chinese or English + Spanish)
  • Customer Service Orientation- actively look for ways to help people and do so in a friendly manner; notice and understand customers' reactions and respond appropriately
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Problem Resolution- Is able to judge when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong; recognizing there is a problem; choosing the best course of action when faced with a complex situation with several available options

Leadership Team

Before you apply, please think through following questions.

You deserve to be a place where fits you the best. Don’t try to bend a rectangle into a triangle. You deserve to have a satisfying CAREER in where you belong, not a JOB to get by.

  • Are you a pleasant person? A people person with a loving heart?
  • Are you willing to team up with your team to conquer every obstacles ahead of you with all your strength and all your heart?
  • Are you motivated to learn and grow and try to be a better you every single day?
  • Are you really bilingual? Because we will need you to serve our customers whose primary language is not English.

If you consider yourself a best fit to our team, submit your application with COVER LETTER to help us better understand you, please. We would love to get to know you better.

这不仅仅是一个工作! - 这是一个机会成为你的社区的祝福。

  • 谦虚 和自信吗?
  • 饥饿 ,有动力吗?
  • 聪明 又友善吗?




我们的愿景 :成为我们的社区的 祝福

我们的使命 :成为 你的 药房。

我们的价值 :我们重视 人才 。我们重视我们的团队成员。我们重视客户。

我们是一家 药店,但我们有12年的零售和管理经验。

我们现在正在开设 第一家 药店,但是我们计划很快就会有第二家药店。

我们是 独立的 ,但我们正在与HealthMart和全国社区药店协会(NCPA)合作,为我们的病人提供最好的药房体验。


  • 为患者准备药物和其他保健产品
  • 根据处方次序测量药物剂量
  • 用计算机软件处理处方
  • 标签和记录剂量信息
  • 监视药物和用品的存储和库存
  • 管理所有分配的药房工作站和任务
  • 支持团队在提供贴心服务的同时及时,安全,准确地调剂患者处方


  • 强大的分析和批判性思维能力
  • 优秀的书面和口头沟通技巧
  • 高度重视细节
  • 双语(英文+中文或英文+西班牙文)
  • 强大的组织能力
  • 客户服务导向 - 积极寻求帮助人们的方式,并以友好的方式进行;注意并理解客户的反应,并做出适当的回应
  • 数学推理
  • 问题解决 - 能够判断什么时候出现问题或者可能出错;认识到有一个问题;在面对复杂的情况时选择最佳的行动方案,并提供多种可选方案



你应该在你所属的地方有一个满意的 职业 ,而不是一个 工作

  • 你是一个愉快的人吗?
  • 一个有爱心的人?
  • 你是否愿意与你的团队合作,用你的全部力量和全心全力战胜你面前的每一个障碍?
  • 你是否有动力去学习和成长,每一天都想成为一个更好的人?
  • 你真的是双语的吗?因为我们需要您为我们的主要语言不是英语的客户提供服务。

如果您认为自己最适合我们的团队,请提交您的 求职信 ,以帮助我们更好地认识你。我们希望能更好地了解你。